SAJ VFD Drive 5.5 KW Solar Pump Inverter


The MPDS solar controller, built on a standard platform, efficiently manages a three-phase asynchronous motor, powering a pump through solar arrays or an optional AC generator backup. With continuous monitoring and advanced features, it safeguards the pumping system. In case of faults

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The MPDS solar controller is based on a standard MPDS platform controlling a standard three-phase asynchronous motor driving a pump powered by a solar array or an optional AC generator backup. The MPDS solar controller continuously monitors system performance and incorporates a number of features for pumping system protection. In the event of a fault, the MPDS solar controller will indicate the type of fault through the LED display mounted on the front cover of controller. The MPDS solar pumping system is optimized for pumping under adverse input power conditions unique to solar arrays. Internal diagnostics will tolerate a lower input voltage. Whenever possible, the controller attempts to drive the pump load by maximizing power output from the solar array. MPDS Series remote system monitoring a LED display provides a detailed indication of system status.
Electronic monitoring gives the controller the capability to monitor the system and automatically shut down in the event of,
Dry well conditions – with low level switch
Bound pump – with auto-reversing torque
High Voltage Surge
Low Input Voltage
Open motor circuit
Short circuit
Over heat


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