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Commercial solar energy solutions in Pakistan from a Reliable Company

Sturdy declines in the cost of electricity from solar over recent years have changed the energy choices for numerous businesses and policymakers globally. The practical consideration for various companies is to capitalize on energy technologies that significantly decrease carbon emissions while maintaining profits.

For better application in the commercial sector, solar energy plays a huge role. These solar systems are vital for all the areas in the commercial industry to execute operations such as banks, educational institutes, hospitals, hotels, and other business buildings since they offer a steady power supply.

Solar Energy offers businesses various options due to the scale at which it can invest the simplicity of most installations, and the high energy costs related to running a growing organization.

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SmartSunPower’s Custom Solar Solutions for Industries and Commercial Sector

Commercial solar panels are a wise investment to lower your tax liability, cut your operating expenses, and strengthen your sustainability goals and marketing efforts. In addition, investing in a solar power system within the commercial sector provides a robust internal rate of return and a more constructive payback period than most residential systems.

At SmartSunPower, we are more than a residential or commercial solar panel installer company in Pakistan. We offer the whole solution from beginning till end. Our services include free site analysis, engineering, and design services, rebate application, installation, permitting, inspections, monitoring, ongoing service, and maintenance.

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Why Choose SmartSunPower for Commercial Solar Energy Installation?

When using a free and infinite energy source, your bottom line is less affected by fluctuations in the energy market. As an outcome, you can radically decrease or even eliminate your monthly electricity bills. Those savings can then be transmitted to your organization, making solar energy the best investment for your business.

Some key benefits of Commercial solar solutions include:

Cost Savings – Solar panels make free, green electricity throughout daytime hours that can be used on-site, minimizing your business demand for energy from the grid and lowering electricity bills.

Solar Income – Ideally, you would use all the solar power on-site; however, all excess power can be sold to the grid.

Financial Stability – With energy prices projected in the next ten years, commercial solar power systems let you efficiently buy your electricity at a set price, making financial forecasting much more accessible.

Lower Carbon Footprint – Generating your solar energy will knowingly reduce your carbon footprint, upsurge your company’s justifiable credentials and improve your business reputation.

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What do Our Clients Say?

Very friendly, professional with commitment.
Muhammad Anas Jhandia
Muhammad Anas Jhandia
I hired smart sun power for installing my solar system they were very professional and every thing was done timely and even after completion they are always available for any question you may have I’m completely satisfied with there service and would love to recommend them and I had my full trust on this company
sonny sam
sonny sam
Good quality equipment. Installation in short time. Resonable price. System operating smoothly since last eight months. No issues.
Mohammad Sajjad Zahoor
Mohammad Sajjad Zahoor
I haven't paid a single penny since got solar panel installed from Smart Sun Power almost for more than year. Every thing is free- from ACs to electric appliances in my home.
Rafay Soomro
Rafay Soomro
Excellent services, good pricing compared to market, In case of any services required prompt response by whatsapp, prompt response of service team in same day, service team knows how to deal with customers, well behavior and knowledgeable.
Humayun Sheikh
Humayun Sheikh
I am a resident of P10A Bahria town and installed solar system in last October by Smart Sun Power. Their whole team is fully professional, cooperative and knowledgeable. I have not faced any problem since installation and commissioning. I highly recommend their services to everyone for new solar system installation.
Rizwan Qamar
Rizwan Qamar
I have installed 5 KW system at my villa of P10A. No bill since its install. Very good service.
Outstanding service and support. Friendly team and company. Got done 10 KW with Huawei and Longi 540 with Aluminum structure at my 500 Sq Yard Villa.
Faisal Meraj
Faisal Meraj
Good work 👍 and in reasonable rates. After sale support is also impressive.
Fahd Sherani
Fahd Sherani


Types of Commercial Solar Solutions2022-08-20T11:15:59+05:00

SmartSunPower’s customized and professional approach is at par with global power and safety standards. The expert team always provides the best solution at the lowest investment. We assure you will get the solution according to your expectations, investment, and other requirements.

SmartSunPower offers three major types of commercial solar solutions or commercial solar power systems. Let’s have a look below!

On-Grid Commercial Solar Solution

On-Grid commercial solar solution does not disconnect you from the main power supply. Simply, it shifts solar energy into electrical energy and supplies it to the main power supply. The battery will charge and extends the point to the grid directly. Typically, such systems are used at commercial or government power stations. Nevertheless, you can also acquire this if you run a big firm.

Off-Grid Commercial Solar Solution

Off-Grid solar power for commercial use is wholly separated from the grid or main power supply. This system produces all the energy independently using commercial solar panel installation and supplies the necessary power supply to the appliances. Whether you have a significant commercial setup or a small one, SmartSunPower is always there to offer state-of-the-art commercial solar energy systems.

Hybrid Commercial Solar Solution

Hybrid solar solutions for commercial use are the best for using the resources from both worlds. The system comprises smart devices that manage the entire power creation from the solar panels and perfectly align it with the grid power supply. The system also allows you to charge the batteries for overnight use. We believe the initial cost of a hybrid commercial solar solution might be high, but it’s one of the best commercial solar solutions.

What is the capacity of the best solar system for commercial purposes in Pakistan?2022-08-20T11:04:25+05:00

It won’t be wrong to say that Solar Energy Systems come in various shapes and capacities. The capacity of the solar energy system depends on the consumer’s electricity usage. Use is reciprocal to the power needed, which can be lesser or greater depending on your budget. The table below shows the best power requirement for each electricity utilization.

300-3503KW Solar System in Pakistan
500-6005KW Solar System in Pakistan
1100-120010KW Solar System in Pakistan
1700-180015KW Solar System in Pakistan
2300-240020KW Solar System in Pakistan
2800-300025KW Solar System in Pakistan
3500-360030KW Solar System in Pakistan
4000-420035KW Solar System in Pakistan
Why do I still have a bill after going solar?2022-08-20T10:30:00+05:00

Having solar panels does not eliminate your electric bill. You remain connected to the electric grid and obtain a monthly bill from your electric company. With most utilities, you have to pay a fixed monthly amount regardless of how you use the electricity. You will also be charged for any extra power being taken from the grid when your system is not producing enough power.

If your solar system was recently installed, you might need to wait a few months to see the impact on your utility bills because these are billed retroactively.

What If I Buy the Components and Install It Myself?2022-08-20T10:28:41+05:00

There are numerous factors to look into before you make this decision. First, only buying the components may be cheap, but our experienced solar installation team offers incredible value at a minimal additional cost. Ensuring the installation is harmless and effective. Our trained solar installation professionals are fully equipped with the technical expertise needed to connect all types of solar systems, and they follow the international installation standards.

How does solar power help the environment?2022-08-18T21:21:15+05:00

Solar energy systems emit zero carbon, one of the purest forms of renewable energy known to manhood. In addition, a solar power system has relatively less maintenance than standard electricity systems, reducing the system’s carbon footprint. Conventional energy sources such as oil, natural gas, and coal lead to the emission of greenhouse gasses that are damaging to the environment. Solar power is a renewable form of energy that eradicates the need for the sweltering of fossil fuels which are directly accountable for the global and environmental damage.

Can I Eliminate Load Shedding with Solar?2022-08-18T21:08:55+05:00

The system will work during the daytime using solar energy to run the load and charge the batteries with free solar. In case of an outage during the day, there is a unified evolution from the grid to the batteries to provide backup power. During the night-time, the system releases the batteries through peak hours and does not allow charging from the grid when the rates are skyrocketing. Instead, it waits till the sun rises or a low grid rate is available to charge the batteries.