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Agricultural solar energy solutions in Pakistan from a Reliable Company

Smart Sun Power’s Solutions understands the unique energy needs of rural environments. We know exactly how to install the best solar panels for farms and agricultural markets. Contact us immediately if you’re looking for the right experts to install high-performance and efficient solar panels for agricultural or farm use!

As farms and fields are often located in remote areas, supplying energy to monitoring devices can prove exceedingly tricky—running the cables necessary to provide power is often extraordinarily costly or otherwise impossible.

Solar power provides a practical solution to all such prevailing issues as it can deliver power to sensors and other monitoring devices without needing cables or electrical sources. Thus, even in geographically challenging environments such as remote farms, farmers can still achieve the benefits of real-time monitoring.

Benefits of using Agriculture Solar Solutions include:

  • Cost savings
  • Low maintenance
  • Increasing self-reliance
  • The solution to the lack of rains
  • Reducing carbon footprint

Revolutionize your farming capabilities Go Green with
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Smart Sun Power’s Agricultural Solutions: Trust and Sustainability

Smart Sun Power solutions aim to bring the lowest Levelized electricity cost to farmers, searching for ways to reduce their costs and build maximum profits from their produce. We use high-efficiency panels and inverters, ensuring total energy production and lower customer electricity bills. In addition, we provide customers with complete peace of mind. Monthly updates are shared with customers to ensure quality service.

It’s no hidden secret that the agriculture industry is vital to human life in any given country. Agriculture isn’t just the world’s leading food source—it also provides us with raw materials such as textiles, wood, and oils, which are significant in running numerous applications. Due to its significance, looking for options to make the agriculture industry more efficient and sustainable is essential to ensuring its longevity. The best way to meet this goal is to implement smart agriculture.

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Why Choose SmartSunPower for Agricultural Solar Energy Installation?

Our solar panel engineers are keen to transform the agricultural industry into a green business in Pakistan, and it all begins with your initiative to switch to solar.

We pride ourselves in being a boutique installer of solar panel systems, i.e., we give effort and time to all ongoing projects equally and do not take on excessive new projects to maintain our quality of installation and solar panel services.

  • Pakistan’s most qualified solar professionals are involved throughout the process from start to finish.
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Highest efficiency solar panels
  • Best standard solar warranty in Pakistan
  • High performance, reliability, and long-term savings

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What do Our Clients Say?

Very friendly, professional with commitment.
Muhammad Anas Jhandia
Muhammad Anas Jhandia
I hired smart sun power for installing my solar system they were very professional and every thing was done timely and even after completion they are always available for any question you may have I’m completely satisfied with there service and would love to recommend them and I had my full trust on this company
sonny sam
sonny sam
Good quality equipment. Installation in short time. Resonable price. System operating smoothly since last eight months. No issues.
Mohammad Sajjad Zahoor
Mohammad Sajjad Zahoor
I haven't paid a single penny since got solar panel installed from Smart Sun Power almost for more than year. Every thing is free- from ACs to electric appliances in my home.
Rafay Soomro
Rafay Soomro
Excellent services, good pricing compared to market, In case of any services required prompt response by whatsapp, prompt response of service team in same day, service team knows how to deal with customers, well behavior and knowledgeable.
Humayun Sheikh
Humayun Sheikh
I am a resident of P10A Bahria town and installed solar system in last October by Smart Sun Power. Their whole team is fully professional, cooperative and knowledgeable. I have not faced any problem since installation and commissioning. I highly recommend their services to everyone for new solar system installation.
Rizwan Qamar
Rizwan Qamar
I have installed 5 KW system at my villa of P10A. No bill since its install. Very good service.
Outstanding service and support. Friendly team and company. Got done 10 KW with Huawei and Longi 540 with Aluminum structure at my 500 Sq Yard Villa.
Faisal Meraj
Faisal Meraj
Good work 👍 and in reasonable rates. After sale support is also impressive.
Fahd Sherani
Fahd Sherani


Types of Agricultural Solar Solutions2022-08-20T19:46:36+05:00

There are 2 Main Types of Agricultural Solar Solutions available and offered to our residential clients:

Solar Tube Well System in Pakistan

Smart Sun Power has introduced a new trend in the agricultural solar system. Tube wells are necessary to provide water to the crops without any interruptions. Unfortunately, this supply is affected by the power supply shortage. If you eliminate this problem, make your power system by acquiring our agricultural solar panel systems.

The unique solar system for farms eventually makes you independent and supplies uninterrupted power whenever needed. The installation is technical but straightforward and, at the same time, cost-effective and long-lasting. Smart Sun Power guarantees the efficiency and overall performance of the installed systems.

Solar Water Pump System in Pakistan

Water is required to keep the land fertile, and water pumps cannot run without electricity. So, you don’t need to worry if facing excessive load shedding. Smart Sun Power’s solar system or solar panel for agriculture is perfect for you. Produce clean electricity, run the water pumps anytime you want, and enjoy cost-efficiency. You don’t need to pay for the electricity bill because the electricity production is dependent on sunlight and is free.

What is the capacity of the best solar system for Agriculture in Pakistan?2022-08-20T11:07:11+05:00

It won’t be wrong to say that Solar Energy Systems come in various shapes and capacities. The capacity of the solar energy system depends on the consumer’s electricity usage. Use is reciprocal to the power needed, which can be lesser or greater depending on your budget. The table below shows the best control for each electricity utilization.

300-3503KW Solar System in Pakistan
500-6005KW Solar System in Pakistan
1100-120010KW Solar System in Pakistan
1700-180015KW Solar System in Pakistan
2300-240020KW Solar System in Pakistan
2800-300025KW Solar System in Pakistan
3500-360030KW Solar System in Pakistan
4000-420035KW Solar System in Pakistan
Is Agricultural Solar Systems Worth It?2022-08-20T11:02:40+05:00

Before the advent of large-scale solar farms for agricultural use, the farmers had no choice and had to rely on utility companies to power nearly all of their operations. As a result, from greenhouse heating, water pumping, and pesticide spraying to lighting livestock barns, powering processing facilities, and almost everything else they do, agricultural businesses were some of the biggest consumers of non-renewable energy. But now, custom solar panel energy systems have been designed to meet farmers’ needs to reduce their carbon footprint and electricity bills while maximizing efficiency and bringing in more money.

Is Solar Water Pumping System Worth?2022-08-20T11:01:33+05:00

These solutions are ideal for irrigating large areas of land with an electricity shortage, and people have no choice but to use diesel tube wells to pump groundwater.

Solar water pumping systems are also helpful in supplying constant water sources for industrial purposes and reducing fossil fuel bills. The energy generated with solar panels is directly used in pumping water; therefore, batteries and charge controllers are not required in this case.

How does solar power help the environment?2022-08-20T11:00:10+05:00

Solar energy systems emit zero carbon, one of the purest forms of renewable energy known to manhood. In addition, a solar power system has relatively less maintenance than standard electricity systems, reducing the system’s carbon footprint. Conventional sources of energy such as coal, oil, and natural gas lead to the emission of greenhouse gasses that are damaging to the environment. Solar power is a renewable form of energy that eradicates the need for the sweltering of fossil fuels which are directly accountable for the global and environmental damage.

Is it safe to spray agrochemicals near solar modules?2022-08-20T11:00:27+05:00

Herbicide is sprayed mostly around solar modules to prevent weed growth. Agrochemicals should not present an issue. Care should be taken not to spread modules themselves, but if it happens, the modules can be cleaned with water as they are made of glass and steel or aluminum and have been designed to withstand outdoor conditions.