ONYX 8KW 5G Series On-Grid Inverter SM-8K-G3P

ONYX 5G SERIES – 3PHASE INVERTER (Model: SM-8K-G3P): Delve into the distinctive features of the SM-8K-G3P 3-phase inverter. Offering a large LCD display, intelligent cooling, and export limit support, it ensures higher yields. With a wide PV input voltage range, internal SPD’s protection, and the ability to use multiple units in parallel, it’s a robust choice.


Model no. SM-8K-G3P
Available in Unique & Distinct Features
Large LCD Display
Intelligent Cooling, IP 65 Protection
Support Export Limit Function
Higher Yields
Wide PV Input Voltage Range
Internal SPD’s Protection
Wide AC Grid Voltage Range
Multiple Units can be used in Parallel
MPPT Efficiency > 99%
High Surge Endurance
Support VSG Function, Applicable for Poor Grid Area
High Power Factor


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