CHINT 20KW On Grid Solar Inverter


The CHINT CPS 20KW On-Grid Inverter adopts a three-phase string design with a low investment approach. Equipped with a standard DC switch, integrated DC combiner box, and optional communication features, it offers a high DC/AC ratio and achieves 98.2% maximum efficiency. This ensures profitability over the entire life cycle. CHINT CPS 20KW On Grid Inverter


Low Investment:
Three-phase string series inverters products providing standard configuration DC switch, integrated DC combiner box, optional 4G/Wi-Fi/RS485 c o m m u n i c a t i o n , w h i c h c a n match the requirements of differentcustomers, support 1 0 % r a t e d o v e r l o a d w h i c h can efficiently decrease initial investment of system.
High Profits:
High DC/AC ratio up to 1.5; Three-phase string inverters can provide 98.2% maximum efficiency, 97.7% Euro efficiency, 99.5% MPPT efficiency, fan-less topology design and international known device options, which can guarantee the profits of the Whole Life Cycle.
CHINT CPS 20KW On Grid Inverter


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