Chint 15Kw On Grid Solar Inverter


The CHINT 15KW On-Grid Inverter stands out with its built-in WiFi and comprehensive protection functions. Tailored for diverse applications, including residential and commercial rooftops, it ensures high returns on power production. Boasting 98.2% maximum efficiency and supporting a 10% rated overload, this inverter minimizes initial investment while maximizing profitability. CHINT 15Kw On Grid Solar Inverter


15 KW ON-GRID INVERTER with built in Wifi, Wide MPPT range, Multi-language interface menus, Easy operation, 3rd Party Monitoring, Designed for reliability, Comprehensive protection functions, Real-time monitoring & much more.
PS SC series grid-tied PV inverters can be flexibly utilized in different types of residential rooftops, commercial rooftops and some utility systems. Efficiency levels up to 96.5% grant customers high returns of power production. comprehensive protection functions and advanced thermal design provide the whole system high reliability. The friendly interface and plug & play features make the installation and maintenance easy and fast.​
Low Investment:
Three-phase string series inverters not only are diversified products providing optional DC switch, integrated DC combiner box , optional PID protection module and GPRS/Wi-Fi/RS485 wireless communication, which can match the requirements of different customers, but also can support 10% rated overload which can efficiently decrease initial investment of system.
High Profits:
Three-phase string inverters can provide 98.2% maximum efficiency, 97.8% Euro efficiency, 99.5% MPPT efficiency, fan-less topology design and international known device options, which can guarantee the profits of the Whole Life Cycle.
Chint 15Kw On Grid Solar Inverter


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